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For over three decades, Alun Richards and Cut & Paste Generation have been providing award-winning music scores and sound production solutions. From creating the score to enhance the narrative of the story, to creating a fully immersive sound experience in Dolby Atmos, we offer a full range of services to help bring your vision to life.

Ever evolving with the times, always learning, he is navigating his journey, starting as a boutique solo run studio in 1994, to organically scaling up to owing and operating one of South Africa's largest and most prolific multi-studio sound facilities (Kwazi MojoMedia / Madhaus Media), expanding into sound stages (Waterfront Film Studios), animation, CGI and video post facilities and full service post production studios (Bladeworks Post Production), he now enjoys his time creating soundscapes from his own 'state of the art' private Dolby Atmos 'home' studio and works from a calm and relaxed environment, collaboratively and intimately with the director, producer, and sound team to create a unique soundscape that seamlessly blends with the visuals on screen.


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I have been composing music scores and sound post productions for a broad range of clients for over three decades. With my vast experience and robust expertise, I guarantee the best music arrangement and attention to detail that your project deserves. My unique sound creation is a synergy of my passion for music and the art of storytelling. I ensure my music fits the brief and meets your expectations within the agreed-upon timeline, making sure customer satisfaction is achieved.

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